Improve Your Aim: How to Use a Rifle Scope Properly

Learning how to use a rifle scope properly is one of the most important aspects of shooting. A rifle scope allows you to see up close and personal, so you can improve your aim in long-distance shooting. Whether you are hunting for prey or simply target shooting, a precise aim is critical. With a few tips and a step-by-step guide, you can learn how to become a masterful shooter.

What are the Components of a Rifle Scope?

Many beginner shooters are not aware of the parts included in a rifle scope. Without knowledge of these parts, it will be difficult for shooters to feel confident using a scope. The following are some of the components of the scope for 6.5 Grendel AR.

  • The Body-This is the tube of the rifle scope (common measurements are 30mm and one inch).
  • Ocular Lens-This is the most important part of the rifle scope and is what magnifies objects.
  • Exit Pupil-This is the red dot that is the visible center of the eyepiece.
  • Eyepiece-This is the piece that goes against your eye when looking for a target.
  • Elevation Adjustment-This part of the scope elevates and adjusts the scope height.
  • Windage Adjustment-This compensates for the trajectory of the intended point of contact.
  • Objective Lens-This is the lens at the end of the scope.
  • Power Ring-This controls the level of magnification on the rifle scope.

Out of all the parts of a rifle scope, the most important is the ocular lens. An ocular lens works very much like a telescope. To allow you to see far distances, light comes through the objective lens, allowing the ocular lens to magnify the object. With the power ring, you can adjust the magnification to meet your needs.

Understanding How to Start Using a Rifle Scope

When you are in the field, knowing how to properly sight in and use a rifle scope will improve your accuracy and safety. Because laws can change drastically between states, it is imperative you know the law before shooting with a rifle scope.

To get started on using a rifle scope, you will first need to bore sight it at 100 yards. Bore sighting simply means lining up the bullet with the crosshairs. This would be set for a flat trajectory, which never occurs.

How to Use a Rifle Scope Properly

Steps for Using a Rifle Scope

There are a few steps involved in using a rifle scope. If you are new to using a rifle scope, these steps will help you to easily adapt, so you will be able to shoot with accuracy.

  • Make sure you purchase the right mounting equipment to install the scope on your rifle. Even if you have the right 6.5 Grendel barrel for the money, you will need to make sure to mount the scope properly. Gunsmiths will often mount and bore for free, especially if you purchase the gun from them.
  • Next, you will need to make sure you align your reticle properly. The reticle should be aligned like a cross. You should check to make sure you can easily see the reticle cross in your normal firing position. If it is difficult to see, adjust.
  • Make sure you familiarize yourself with all the parts of the scope as listed above. Be sure to read the handbook and directions thoroughly before using it.
  • Choose the magnification and make any adjustments before firing. You will need to do some practice firings on a paper target to determine if any scope adjustments should be made.
  • You will also need to make sure to practice breath control. If you learn how to slightly hold your breath during a shot, the scope will stay locked in position and help you make your shot effectively.

It takes time, but with more and more shooting experience, you will find your aim is better than ever before. As you grow in shooting proficiency, you may want to install a higher-powered rifle scope for even greater shooting power.


Now, you know how to use a rifle scope properly. Although they can be a little difficult to use at first, you should not let a scope intimidate you. Practice shooting and making adjustments until you can place your reticle right where it needs to be to get the shot every time.

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