Best Case Trimmers Reviews & Buying Guides 2020

A case trimming is a beneficial and profitable means for any shooter. These units are essential if you spend any amount time reloading your cartridges. There are a set of dimensional specifications set forth by the Sporting Arms an Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) that should be followed to make life easier when performing this task.

The goal with a case trimmer is to reduce the brass case to a specific overall length that meets SAAMI’s requirements.

If you do not have the proper tools and use the right method, your trimming efforts will have been in vain. These best-case trimmer reviews will help you in choosing the right tool.

Benefits of Using a Case Trimmer

Most shooters will agree that case trimming is their least favorite task, but one that is often necessary. While performing the task of trimming, which is essential for anyone doing a high volume of shooting, is getting a square case mouth and having a consistent length.

The right case trimmer will have a length less than the maximum, so the case mouth doesn’t jam against the chamber, or hold the bullet to tightly.

If you use your cases more than once, sooner or later you will have to reduce its dimensions. Quality case trimmers often utilize a hand crank to trim brass to a specified length. Others have caliber specific pilots to hold the case, and some are micrometer adjustable.

These hardened steel cutters are going to give you a lifetime of service with just a few turns of a crank. There are different brands and models to choose from to meet your needs.

Types of Case Trimmers

Case trimmers are required in most cases due to the lengthening that happens during your resizing and firing. There are basically only a few types of case trimmers on the market for you to consider, which include:

Collet Style Trimmers

These trimmers use a multi-speed collet head that holds the case securely as the caliber specific pilot supports the case neck

Wilson Case Trimmer

The Wilson Case trimmer is unique to any other form of trimmer. This unit uses a case holder to hold the case on the taper of the case and does not use pilots

Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer

The Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer is much like the collet style except that it uses shell holders to hold the case head

Power Trimmers

The power trimmer is basically mounted to a motorized unit to provide the drive the cutter needs. These are controlled with a spring-fed mechanism that make them easy to use

Case Trimmer

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Best Case Trimmer

If you are looking to purchase your first case trimmer or replace an existing one, there are some factors to consider before setting out. Because of the lengthening that happens when you resize or fire, you are going to need to trim your cases. Most case trimmers will perform a multitude of extra tasks by you adding accessories. But before you set out to make your purchase, consider these factors:

  • How square will the cut be to the case mouth in respect to the axis of the case?
  • Will it be easy to load and unload your cases from the trimmer?
  • Are there any other functions the trimmer can be used to perform?
  • Will it provide an accurate trim for each case to a length your preset?
  • Is it an aggressive cutter, or how fast will it perform the task?
  • Will it give you a clean cut?
  • What case head sizes will the trimmer accept, and what caliber pilots does the manufacturer offer?

To make sure you get the tool you need and are expecting, ask these questions before making your purchase.


Q: Why do you need a case trimmer?

A: You will need a case trimmer because shells generally expand with the pressure put on it when shooting. A case trimmer will allow you to trim the excess off and give you a perfect shape to reload. This process allows you to use it over and over as your ammo.

Q: What should you look for in a case trimmer?

A: One of the main things to look for in your case trimmer is how versatile the model will be, as well as how durable it is. You will also want to check how much it can adjust as an adjustable trimmer will make things better as they are more specific.

Q: How do you store a case trimmer?

A: Case trimmers are best stored in an air-tight box. You do not want to store it in a humid area as it will promote rust. You can also consider painting your case trimmer with a non-petroleum-based paint to make it more durable and prevent it from rusting.

Q: Do case trimmers last long?

A: When you purchase a case trimmer, you can expect it to be part of your equipment for a long time. These tools are typically very durable. Chances are you will want to try a different model before your current one needs replacement.


Understanding what you expect from your case trimmer and taking the time to make sure the one you purchase fits those expectations will make for one of the best purchases in your life. These tools are loved by all those who add them to their equipment list.

They are time-savers and economical sound investments to extending the life of your ammo supply. With a little research, you will discover the benefits of these incredible tools and wish you had added one to your bench years ago.

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